Compettitive Resources - Mediation

Workplace disputes can be costly in terms of time, money and their negative impact on your culture. Compettitive Resources can provide a more imaginative and effective way of resolving these disputes that delivers speed and efficiency to the process – mediation.

According to recent research 82% of organisations surveyed said that mediation had worked for them. Our HR consultants are experienced mediators with a wealth of experience in dealing with formal and informal disputes. Working closely with your team, they will conduct mediations using proven methodologies and even train your own people in the skills required to resolve conflicts.

We will manage all stages of the mediation using sensitivity, professionalism and fairness. Our service includes individual meetings where we build agreements, the mediation itself, and a follow up after the process has finished.

The benefits are tangible including less cost, less stress and a reduction in the number of formal claims you face and the promotion of a culture that respects and develops its people.