Compettitive Resources - Investigations

There are times when you simply need answers: why things have gone wrong, who’s telling the truth about a workplace incident, why someone is not delivering on their potential. Compettitive Resources provide you with these answers through a service that offers independent investigation at every level and helps you to deal with the aftermath.

We carry out many investigations every year including in the areas of:

  • allegations of bullying
  • whistle-blowing
  • grievances against managers
  • discrimination
  • capability issues
  • potential misconduct and gross misconduct
  • absence.

Compettitive Resources will organise a robust, objective, transparent and fair investigation, working to tight deadlines and analysing complex and often conflicting evidence in an impartial and objective way. You will obtain a clear summary of the evidence and findings delivered with a full understanding of the law.

If you don’t want us to manage a complete investigation we can either support your activities or train your staff to conduct their own effective investigation. Whatever the outcome, Compettitive Resources can advise you on what to do next and how you can further benefit from our findings.